Port Arthur police calling for several changes in the city's game room ordinance on Tuesday. This comes after investigators busted as many as 7 illegal game rooms within the last six months.

Now, they are asking city officials for help to put a stop to the illegal gaming business.

"Gaming sites that we have shut down in the last three months, their actually some that never attempted to get their proper paper work they just opened up." said Officer Michael Hebert.

Through a presentation, PAPD explained some of the requirements listed in the new ordinance such as:

  • Permit process documentation
  • Car parking requirements
  • Restricted operating hours
  • Increased application fee
  • Reduced regulatory license fee
  • Fingerprint background checks for owners and operators
  • Business and building ownership verification

"This is a very important issue that's affecting the entire community and it crosses several departments so we want to make sure we get it right." said Chief Patrick Melvin.

Investigators say there are approximately 60 gaming locations in Port Arthur and have issued 175 citations within the last three months.