Organizers say that the "Gun Buy Back" event was a major success Friday, over 150 fire arms were taken off the streets of the city of Beaumont.

Churches, along with police officials and other government / political entities teamed up for the gun buy-back program, aimed at ending senseless violence, in relation to guns.

The event took up 28 rifles, 118 handguns, and 7 assault weapons, totaling up to 156 fire arms taken off of the streets.

Doors opened at 5, and about two hours later, organizers ran out of money, handing a total of over $28,300 to those who turned in their guns.

People were allowed to turn in their fire arms no questions asked.

"I want people to understand that I am a gun owner and support the 2nd amendment," says Pastor Randy Feldchau, with Cathedral church.

"This is about reducing the number of illegal guns out in the streets," he explains.

Organizers with "Not in my city" tell us that this is the first of many similar events.

Police will return any gun that was reported stolen, they will determine if any of the guns were involved in a crime and then destroy the rest.

The total cost to make this effort in getting guns out of the streets was over $34,000, but the program was such a huge success that organizers say they will do whatever it takes to make the city of Beaumont a better place.