A woman is upset that Orange Animal Control euthanized her once-missing dog, a great Pyrenees Keila.

The owners reported Keila on June 23. Today, animal control confirmed the dog was put down due to health issues.

Asalei Mazzola got in contact with Orange Animal Control as soon as Keila went missing. Initially, an animal control officer said the dog was picked up and adopted out.

"I told them I was willing to pay for my animal to get her back, anything I need to do I would do it," Mazzola said.

The Orange Fire Chief told Mazzola the truth about her dog.

"He then proceeds to tell me my dog was euthanized last week on Wednesday," Mazzola said.

Mazzola says her and her fiancé are in disbelief that Keila was put down.

"it's frustrating, it's unorganized over there, he is mentally distraught over his dog being gone," Mazzola said.

Mazzola claims to have contacted the pound several times asking for help in finding her and her fiancé’s dog.

Orange Fire Department Chief David Frenzel says the shelter took in Keila on July 5.

She was euthanized on July 12 due to health issues. Frenzel says this is a sad situation for all parties involved.

Mazzola feels that both she and the animal shelter could've done more.

"I just lost my dog due to negligence on…I'm not going to say on my part but on theirs too, I could've gone up to the pound, but at the same time they had my contact information," Mazzola said.

The Orange Animal Shelter is not a no-kill facility. They can only hold animals for 72 hours.

Chief Frenzel says he wants to help Mazzola find another dog in the future.