Kimberly Brin coming home from work on Monday evening finding the outside of her home full of police cruisers.

“When I came home the police had the house surrounded. To my understanding, they come through my window, my room window, and they busted my TV and knocked out all of my stuff.” Said Brin.

According to police, two Orange County Sheriff’s deputies exchanged gunfire with two suspects near Dahlia Street and Bridal Wreath Avenue.

The deputies’ unmarked car was also hit by bullets.

Brin told 12News some of the suspects that night were hiding at her house.

“I guess they hid in the house and I guess the police seen them when they ran through here. Eventually they knocked on that door and nobody answered and then knocked on this door.” She said.

Brin explained her three kids ranging in age from 9 to 18 were at home playing video games and were scared to open the door to police.

“I was scared because they were knocking so hard and all of police was out there and kids get traumatized and stuff.” She said.

Orange police spoke with two persons of interest, but no arrests have been made.