Volunteers at the Orange County ESD#4 responded to an emergency Monday afternoon. Only three fire volunteers were able to head out to a call for help.

"We would like to have full time firemen during the day time to cover the time our volunteers are at work." said Spencer Fuss.

Fuss is the president of the ESD#4 board in Mauriceville. Fuss told 12News the department needs a change to secure fire response in Mauriceville by hiring two full time firefighters for their day shift.

"There's nobody here 24 hours a day, so they all have normal everyday jobs." Fuss explained.

In order to fill in those two positions, the department is calling for a tax election this May in Orange County.

Fuss said the voter will have an option of a property tax increase, a 1.5% sales tax increase or the voter can pick neither.

"If you live in a 100-thousand dollar house, your taxes will go up $30 dollars a year. If its a 200-thousand dollar home, it will go up $60 dollars a year." Fuss said.

Volunteers at ESD#4 believe if this proposal passes in May, it will impact many lives in the Mauriceville and McLewis area and hopefully save a life.

Currently there are 24 volunteers and six fire trucks at OCESD#4.

Election Day is Saturday, May 6.