Orange County officials believe the courthouse could remain closed longer than expected.

County Judge Brint Carlton said potential wash out issues around the foundation of the building may force the county to delay its re-opening.

Luckily, Orange county residents were able to go to alternate locations such as the commissioner’s court, the City of Orange Municipal Court and cluster court in the probation office.

Thomas Harrington went to the commissioner’s court to finalize the adoption of an 8-year-old boy named John.

At first, he was worried the adoption would be pushed back because Harvey damages shut the courthouse down.

"We were just worried about if it would be next year before it happens but they have it up and running and have it moved over here and we are as happy as can be," said Harrington.

Orange county commissioner Barry Burton said contractors are still evaluating the damage and assessing the cost of the courthouse and the sheriff’s office.

The contractors on-site said there was mold inside the courthouse and the basement received water damage.

There is also mold inside the sheriff’s office and sheetrock was torn out in the administration offices.

However, Commissioner Burton said the inmate area was not affected by Harvey.

Harrington said he is grateful he was able to finalize his son’s adoption despite the damages from Harvey.

Orange County Commissioners hope they will find out by next week when employees will be able to move back into the courthouse.