Last week was a normal work week for Orange County Clerk Brandy Robertson. She was helping a couple with some paperwork. The man she was talking to needed a birth record, and Robertson took his license to make a copy.

One thing that stuck out on the license was the city listed: Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. That was a location where Robertson was searching for her brother since they last saw each other in May 1993 at their father's funeral.

Robertson asked the man if Jesse Calder was his father and he responded yes.

"I then said, well do you remember me? Do I look familiar? So he just kind of looked at me and then I said, I'm your sister," Robertson said.

After that revelation, Robertson and Calder cried and hugged for the first time in over 20 years. She then sent a picture to her sisters Stephanie Robinson and Crystal Wells.

Robinson rushed from work to see someone she had been close to as a kid.

"I knew who he is, I knew he was very special to me and my mother had told me how much we had looked alike and that he named me so it meant a lot for me to see him finally," Robinson said.

Crystal Wells lives in Orangefield and wasn't able to make it to the clerk's office last week.

She feels that this was God's work that their family will be together soon.

"Because it's going to be smiles and joyful tears because it's going to be a reunion that we're never going to forget," Wells said.

The family says they will plan to have a bigger reunion with all of their siblings after Calder returns from his out of state travels.