A silo next to the collapsed silo full of pellets may need to be demolished after a hot spot was detected on Friday.

The united command team at the Port of Port Arthur was notified of that internal sensor reading in the silo adjacent to the collapsed silo had developed a hot spot according to a release from the City of Port Arthur.

Officials are continuously monitoring the hot spot as they explore solutions ranging from an internal nitrogen injection to controlled demolition according to the release.

The fire began at a silo full of wood biomass pellets at the German Pellets Texas, LLC and Texas Pellets Inc. facility, collectively known as GPTX in mid-April and the silo collapse in the first week of June.

The Port Arthur Fire Department is still on the scene 24 hours a day at the German Pellets Terminal to the incident is taken care of as soon as and as safely as possible the release said.

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Currently there are some hotspots that the fire department can not get to because of several thousand tons of debris and the danger of further collapse the release said.

The volume of smoke is at it's lowest since the incident began and so far the fire department has overseen the removal of about 4,700 tons of product from the debris pile.

The facility also had a fire on a conveyor belt outside of the silos in February 2017.

The company has set up a website and a phone line for updates at to respond to inquires at GPTXUpdates.com and 409-200-3313.