Vidor ISD announced that clowns from Southeast Texas Shriners will not be able to wear their full clown costumes at the parade because students are concerned about social media posts and rumors of clowns harming students.

Despite the efforts of teachers, parents, and administrators to dismiss the falsehoods of clowns harming students, some younger students continue to be bothered and remain scared because of the recent threats and alleged attacks by people dressed in clown costumes.

Vidor Independent School stated that "Vidor ISD respects the work of the Shriners and how they support young people who are suffering, and their organization is certainly welcome to participate in the parade. However, to make everyone feel comfortable, especially our students, we request to forego clowns this year."

However, many people are disappointed in not having the clowns participate in the parade this year.

Devin Wagner, a High school Senior at Vidor High School states, "To be honest its just upsetting how I mean they usually come out and help the little kids and everything."

The Southeast Texas Shriner's clowns will be attending the parade but will not be wearing any of their clown makeup.