Crystal Dubose's three sons attend school in Newton ISD, ranging from elementary school to high school. Today, she met with the Newton ISD superintendent Michelle Barrow and filed a formal complaint against a bus driver for what she calls bullying students.

"Other students have witnessed her screaming at a male student and telling him to shut up repeatedly," Dubose said.

Another parent, Rachel Lewis says she saw bruises around her daughter's neck one day after elementary school last year.

"Apparently the bus driver had rearranged seating and when my daughter went to sit down the bus driver snatched her up by her backpack which caused it to choke her,” Lewis said.

Lewis says that was the final straw and she moved her girls to another school the next year.

"She is a bully to them, she screams and hollers all the way through, I mean, and just the kids hate going to school because they have to ride the school bus," Lewis said.

The Newton ISD superintendent and they issued a statement on the allegations to 12 News, saying: "I have met with Mrs. Dubose and listened to her concerns. The district is in the process of an investigation regarding the matter…The bus driver has been removed from the bus driving position pending the outcome of the investigation."

Dubose hopes that the multiple allegations of this bus driver's conduct will keep her from stepping on another bus again.

"It's time to take a stand, it's time to hear what the children will have to say and for them to be protected, this is not okay," Dubose said.

Dubose and Lewis hope the driver is replaced following the investigation.