The Newton County Sheriff's Office is reopening the cold case of a homicide in the Call community. Evelyn Clark found her 29-year-old son Dexter Diggles with a gunshot wound to the head outside her home on November 15, 2015.

Clark believes that Diggles was killed elsewhere then dumped near her doorstep.

"I have to go out that door every day, every day of my life knowing that my baby was laying at my doorstep, but I have to live with that," Clark said.

Clark says it hurts not knowing who is responsible for Diggles' death.

Newton County Sheriff Billy Rowles tells us that new information has helped break open this case.

"We actually have a person of interest in it, but we're just doing this for the family, the family needs some relief," Sheriff Rowles said.

Clark says she's relying on the word of God to keep her going every day.
She hopes any new developments in her son's death can bring those responsible to justice.

"It opens up the wound again, but I know they have to do their job, but it still hurts, cause it's just like stabbing me all over again," Clark said.

Anyone who has any information regarding the case is asked to contact the Newton County Sheriff's Office at (409) 379-3636.