Lifelong Orange resident Chris Smith says he has many fond memories of the MacArthur Shopping Center but he's also excited for a new business to come to town.

The MacArthur Shopping Center was priced at $2.5 million when it opened in 1960. Decades later, the plaza is waiting to be torn down within the next two months.

Chris Smith remembers how the MacArthur Shopping Center brought different communities together.

"So many of the local high schools here, with Little Cypress, Bridge City, Orangefield and West Orange, it was just the place to get together in the evenings on Friday and Saturday nights just to hang out with kids from other schools," Smith said.

In its place, a new HEB along with a gas station and car wash will be built, with an estimated 250 to 300 jobs to be created.

"I think whatever businesses come to Orange, it's going to help the economy and it's going to produce more jobs and help freshen things up around here," Smith said.

According to the Pinehurst City Manager, HEB has a three to four-year window to start construction.