An exciting day for the Humane Society of Southeast Texas, dozens of people and their foster pets made their way to North Major Drive.

The humane society unveiled a brand new location on Saturday.

Not only did they unveil the new plans, they gave a glimpse of the new logo.

The unveiling of the brand new logo is a sign of relief to the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

A new chapter after the deadly fire, an electric short taking the lives of dozens of sheltered pets.

“If this closed down and never reopened, what a horrible thing to our community, we'd have no place to out our dogs and house them,” says Billy Woolley, foster pet owner.

Woolley has been a pet owner for the past several months, he says this progress is completely heartwarming.

“If we can get them to the Humane Society before they get put down, at least they'll have a chance to get adopted out,” He explains.

“The new shelter will increase capacity by 30 percent from the shelter that was destroyed by the fire,” explains Monica Lee, with the Humane Society of SETX.

“Thanks to the generosity of our donors. We have raised 4.3 million dollars, and still have 2.2 million left to go,” she says.

And now, the memory of the tragic fire is left behind, bringing new change to help pets find a loving home.

“It's such a blessing to share this with the community who continues to show their support,” says Lee.

The Humane Society says the construction will begin as soon as monetary funds are raised needed to begin phase one of the building.

If you are interested in helping out, here’s a link to DONATE.