“We love y’all and we want to thank y’all from the deepest most bottom part of our hearts,” said Shane Chesson, thank a large crowd gathered around him and his wife Amiee.

Shane Chesson couldn’t seem to thank the crowd enough. Dozens of friends and family members from the Hamshire-Fannett community came together to put up Christmas lights and decorations for a family that just lost their 10 year old son, Trevor Chesson, who tragically died in an ATV accident, Monday night.

“They have done so much for this community,” said Stacy LeNormand, a longtime friend of the family. “There is really no way of ever being able to pay them back but this is the least that we can all come together and do for them. They have done so much for this community for years.”

LeNormand started this kind hearted gesture by posting on Facebook asking anyone with lights and decorations to come by the house as a gift to Trevor’s mother and family.

“She (Amiee) wants him to see the lights from heaven,” said LeNormand.

The support was overwhelming. Car upon car bearing more lights and decorations arrived every hour. Making sure Trevor would see the lights, and a family in need would feel the support.

“This is what I takes to get through this tragedy,” said Kerri Lociacano, another family friend. “Because it’s like a nightmare. You just want to wake up and it be gone. But it’s not going away so all the support is going to be needed throughout the next few days weeks and months to come.”

Visitation for Trevor Chesson will be from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at First Baptist Church of Hamshire, and the funeral will be at 10 a.m. Thursday at FBC of Hamshire as well.