A story of hope for an Orange County man whose neighbors ran to his rescue when his shed caught on fire.

With the holiday season around the corner, a Vidor homeowner has another item added to his to-do list.
The man must clean-up after a fire destroyed the shed attached to his house.

"Ms. Shelly said 'fire' and so I come running over here to help," said Justin Gilley.

He lives down Willow Bend Dr. in Vidor.

When his neighbor's shed went up in flames Friday afternoon, Gilley and a handful of other neighbors sprang into action to save the man's property.

"There's females and kids running around," said Gilley. "I mean you've got to be a man sometime and help people out."

The group grabbed garden hoses and sprayed down the home to deter flames from causing more damage.

"We got his trucks out of the way and everything that was valuable to him," said Ms. Shelly.

Fire crews with Orange County Emergency Services District 1 quickly showed up and took over.

The homeowner says he was at work when he got the frantic call about the fire.

The man says he's happy his home is still livable. The flames were contained to the shed.

"I had to do something man," said Gilley. "People around here just can't lose their stuff like that."

Neighbors say they're glad they could come together and do something to help a friend.

"This neighborhood pulled together and it's something that's amazing to see," said Ms. Shelly.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.