It’s been three weeks since 53-year-old Debora Killian.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies say it’s not the first time Killian has run off, but this time, it’s been too long.

“There are some concerns about her being gone so long because in the past there have been issues with mental health as well as substance abuse.” said Captain Crystal Holmes.

Killian was last seen walking away from her home after having an argument with her husband.

According to JCSO, she was reported missing by her husband on July 24th.

A concern for some of her neighbors like Madison Diaz. “I mean she was always outside and very talkative. She was very friendly.” She said.

Deputies say Killian has dealt with mental issues in the past. “Here at the sheriff’s office, we have not had a lot of missing person’s report this year and this is the longest time period we have had someone missing.” Said Holmes.

If you have seen Killian or know where she is, please call local authorities.