A campaign put together by AT&T is making an effort to stop the texts to prevent the wrecks.

This initiative has made its way through the Texas Legislature creating a state-wide ban on texting and driving.

The Nederland Police Department hosted the "It can wait" campaign, which focuses on preventing distractive driving.

A horrifying crash is seen through virtual reality glasses.

"I was scared," says Grace Harn, a 7th grader who watched the virtual reality video.

"It's freaky that it can actually happen," she says.

This is part of the national "It can wait" campaign.

"No text, no post, no email or selfie is worth your life," says Chris Johnson, spokesperson for AT&T.

"When you're driving, you need to keep your eyes on the road and not on our phones," He says.

Targeting people like Rocky Harn and his daughter Grace, who will soon be driving.

"Pull over, It only takes a second to ruin your life or someone else's life for texting," Rocky says.

TxDOT says that in the past year, over 450 people in Texas died to distracted driving and more than 3 thousand seriously injured.

"It's an epidemic," Johnson says.

"7 out of 10 people look at their phones while driving, it can wait," He explains.

An advice little Grace says can save you from death.

"Don't text and drive, it can ruin other people's lives, not just yours," Grace says.

The new law banning texting and driving on Texas roads signed by Governor Greg Abbott starts on September the first.