A Nederland nurse practitioner’s business is still open even though his license was suspended by the Texas Board of Nursing last Friday.

In the Order of Temporary suspension the board indicated Kevin Morgan’s nursing practices constitutes “a continuing and imminent threat to the public welfare.”

Morgan faces 13 charges by the Texas Board of nursing almost two months after the “Optimum Medical Weight Control and Family Wellness” practice was raided by the DEA.

In the Order of Temporary Suspension Morgan is accused of harming 12 patients by giving them high dosages of testosterone and thyroid hormones.

The board said two of those patients died as a result of the treatments. The Provost Umphrey law firm said they are representing the family of Brad Guilbeaux who died in February after receiving hormone and thyroid treatments.

The other charges include incorrectly diagnosing patients, misinterpreting or ignoring lab results and failed to perform appropriate assessments and other charges..

The practice is still operating because a physician named Briant Herzog is overseeing the business.

Another Nurse practitioner named Randall Locke is working at the practice as well. The Provost Umphrey Law firm confirms there have been four complaints sent to the Texas Board of Nursing about Locke.

The law firm also tells 12news Morgan has switched physicians five times since September of 2016 which has kept his business open.

There are currently four medical malpractice lawsuits that will be filed with the Provost Umphrey law firm against Morgan, the supervising physician and the Optimum Practice.

The firm plans on filing 11 lawsuits and are potentially reviewing another 25 cases.

The law firm said they are also representing Bobby Ashworth who experienced health issues after he was prescribed testosterone.

Dusty Johnston who is the General Counsel for the Texas Board of Nursing said the board will investigate if it finds out similar treatments are being used by another nurse practitioner at the Optimum Practice.

There are no formal charges against nurse practitioner Randall Locke at this time.

12news reached out to the Texas Board of Medicine to see if they are investigating the physician who is overseeing the practice but we have not received a response.

A probable cause hearing will take place no later than 17 days since order was entered and a final hearing will take place no later than 61 days since the order was entered.

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