A Nederland man says the source of his livelihood could have resulted in a house fire that robbed him of all his belongings, including his business and home.

“I felt like I was still in a dream and not understanding what was going on,” says Don Chapman.

A sleepless night for Chapman, an overnight fire took over his home, ended his business, and almost took away his life.

“I ran for air, ran for the front door,” he says, “Thank God I got out.” he explains.

Don has been living in this home for over 14 years, and in a matter of minutes, flames took his entire livelihood.

“It hurts when you put everything you have in something and all of a sudden you lose it and can't do anything about it,” he says.

It hurts him but he’s thankful to be alive.

After being laid off from an oil company, Don started a lawn mowing business.

His home, a place of shelter and storage for his lawn mowing equipment, is now covered in ashes.

Friends like Roberto Maraist are now helping Don with recovery.

“You could replace material things, but I couldn't replace Don.” says Maraist, a longtime friend.

For Don, he says hope is being able to see light, in days of darkness.

“Watch out for each other,” says Don, “be safe and don't take anything for granted,” he explains.

If you are interested in helping Don out with a donation, his donation account is 3423909 or Don Chapman at Five Point Federal Credit Union.