A little over a month ago, a furious fire not only took over don chapman's home, his business was burned down to ashes.

“The things I have been through this last month, I’ve definitely had a new awakening about life,” says Don Chapman.

Don lost everything, and all he had left was the clothes on his back, but his spirit is alive more than ever.

He says people came together to helped Don get back on his feet.

“They raised money, brought me clothes,” he says.

“The lawnmower business is unreal, I had dozens of people offer me equipment,” Don explains.

Don says he lost over 200 thousand dollars in this house fire, but there's one thing he's really thankful for that doesn't have a price tag.

“I’m thankful to be alive and have a second chance, my love of my family, friendships, just all the people that came out to help me,” he explains.

Don says thanksgiving isn't about going out and finding the best deals and spending the most money.

He says thanksgiving is about family getting together and loving each other and sharing the joy.

This thanksgiving is a very special one for him, he has the opportunity to spend time with his family.

Something that could have easily been taken away by the same flames that took away his business and his home.

“Everybody should open their hearts and give thanks for what they have,” he says.