A Nederland man says he's demanding justice after claiming he was assaulted because he’s gay.

20-year-old Taylor Hays says he was with a group of friends at a man's house in Jennings, Louisiana last Wednesday night when the alleged assault took place along Evangeline Road.

Hays claims the homeowner was sleeping and heard him on the front porch. Hays says the unnamed suspect went to confront him.

"My face was beat up, I got knocked on the ground and got the crap beat out of me because I'm different than other people," Hays said.

Hays was taken to a nearby hospital Thursday morning. He suffered minor injuries and filed a report with the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office.

Hays is pressing charges against the man for what he claims are actions that are uncalled for.

"To me, this is a hate crime and it needs to be addressed," Hays said.

The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office confirmed to 12 News they are investigating the case.

Hays feels that other gay people don't deserve this sort of treatment.

"I just want justice to be made and for him to get what he deserves because like I said this sort of action, is not, it's not necessary," Hays said.

The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office did not comment further on the case.