A Nederland contractor says that any projects they promised to complete will not be finished.

Customers and sub-contractors want answers from Green and Sons Cabinetry and Construction.

After several months of searching, Michelle Barnette sought Green and Sons to help remodel a historic Beaumont home.

“We thought we were pretty safe with choosing them as our general contractor,” Barnette said.

"Our second payment was $30,000 whenever they told us they ran out of the first $23,000 and nothing's been done, we have a house with no bathrooms and it’s non-livable at this point,” Barnette said.

Barnette plans on pursuing legal action against the company and press charges with the Nederland Police Department.

Barnette is not the only customer or worker with complaints.

Chad Ethridge says he is a former employee of Green and Sons and was never paid for working on a home.

"We heard we weren't getting wages, then payday is Wednesday, we weren't getting paid until the Monday after and it was every payday we were worried if we were getting checks," Ethridge said.

Barnette says she’s upset that her savings for her home have gone to waste.

"We hired someone local, we did our homework, we made sure they had everything that any knowledgeable person would do. And this happened to us, it happened to all of us," Barnette said.

According to the Better Business Bureau’s website, Green and Sons’ two locations have an “F” rating after failure to respond to at least two complaints.

After several attempts to contact Green and Sons, the Wells, Peyton, Greenberg & Hunt law firm released a statement.

“Green and Sons Cabinetry and Construction is aware of the various concerns that have been raised by some of its customers regarding the status of the work to their property.
Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, Green and Sons will likely be unable to perform and/or complete all of the contemplated repairs and renovations.
Green and Sons Cabinetry and Construction sincerely regrets that this has occurred and the delays that it may have caused in restoring or renovating customers’ property and they are fully committed to resolving and reconciling all customer accounts that have been adversely affected.”