The search for three U.S. Sailors was called off after their Navy cargo plane crashed in the Philippine Sea on Wednesday.

The news hitting close to home for Brett Robinson of Port Acres who now lives in Beaumont.

He served four years in the same squadron as the crewmen missing at sea.

“Only about 60 people in the squadron. So every time you get on that plane you knew those guys they knew that plane inside and out and if there was ever a problem you knew they take care of it.” Said Robinson.

The plane is designed to ferry supplies, mail and passengers to and from aircraft carriers which is what Robinson did 16 years ago.

“My job was air crew survival equipment which was basically in an event like this, anything you can use to survive on is what I maintained life rafts, oxygen masks, survival vests, so in this event you were prepared.” He said.

Robinson spent four years in the Navy, much of the time in the skies and explains the job can be scary but fun at the same time.

“It’s just one of those feelings you don’t get a in a commercial airliner and you don’t know what to expect.”

Now his prayers are with the families of his missing brothers.

“Just want to keep those families, keep them in your hearts you know they are going through a hard time. They want answers you know they are on the edge and they wanna know just keep those families in our thoughts.” Robinson said.