A new medical equipment used during Harvey gave local babies a better chance of survival during the storm.

A total of 11 babies were transported in and out of Christus Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth in Beaumont, this machine made it easier for transportation.

Several infants were taken to the airport, and 2 were transported back to Beaumont.

"Minutes matter," says Kelli Huebel, Transport Coordinator for the Christus Neonatal Transportation Team.

"We only had a short window to bring them to the airport," she says.

The machine was tested during Harvey and it worked.

It's a mobile intensive care unit that can travel anywhere.

"It would have been really difficult to find the appropriate ambulance," Huebel says.

This machine could mean life or death for a newborn child on a normal day and especially in a crisis.

"So much traffic going on at that time, and it made a difference to transport the babies so air teams could lift them to safety," she says.

Since it worked during Harvey, the staff is now celebrating that the machinery is a permanent part of the hospital, giving other babies in critical condition an opportunity to live.