The booster club for a Southeast Texas high school recently discovered that all of their funds were missing leaving them with unpaid bills and now way to pay them.

The Lumberton High School Mighty Raider band Booster club discovered the missing funds last week according to a statement from booster club president Randy Eason on the club's Facebook page Sunday night.

Sources close to the investigation tell 12News more than $50,000 is missing from the fund that is managed by parents.

Lumberton Police chief Danny Sullins tells 12News that they have a case and expect to make an arrest but first need to perform a forensic audit and follow procedure.

After a preliminary investigation the club immediately reported the theft to the Lumberton Police Department and appointed an interim treasurer during an emergency board meeting on October 20 the statement said.

The club plans to install the interim treasurer at their November meeting unless other nominations are made the statement said.

According to the statement the Lumberton Police Department is speaking to a person of interest about the missing funds.

"We are devastated to have to share this news with the boosters. Please know that we are handling this crime the only way we know how and that is to let Chief Danny Sullins and the Lumberton Police investigate," Eason said in the statement.

The club has several outstanding bills and no way to pay them a second Facebook post said.

The immediate bills bills amount to about $10,000 and range to $30,000 or more the booster club said in response to a comment on their Facebook page.

The club is looking at fundraising ideas and will have new bank accounts opened in a day according to

The club has already had some offers of donations and welcomes any donations the post said.

According to the post donations can be made to the band secretary or by contacting Eason via email.