Family members are searching for the whereabouts of 28-year-old Dawayne Gallien, Jr., also known as “DJ”.

Wanda and Robert Henry, Dawayne Gallien Junior’s parents say their son was living at home and just graduated from welding school.

Gallien’s parents say the 28-year-old is always in contact with them, but they have not seen or heard from Dawayne in over 7 weeks.

“Like he dropped off the face of the earth, that's just not Dawayne. And that's why I'm so worried, and I'm so nervous but he keeps in touch," Gallien’s mother said.

Gallien, also called DJ, is hard of hearing and has a speech impediment.

Gallien’s cousin James Coward says he saw him last May 11 at night on Usan Street and Nora Street.

Coward claims that Gallien was walking with a woman when Beaumont Police arrested the woman.

Coward says after the woman was arrested, Gallien never returned home.

"We figured, that if she went to jail and that's who he walked with, then maybe he would walk back to us, back home to my grandma's house. But he didn't come back, but she went to jail, so we just trying to figure out which way did he go," Coward said.

It’s a scary thought for Gallien's parents who are hoping for a safe return.

"For him to not say anything to anybody, no, something is wrong," Henry said.

The Beaumont Police Department tells us a police report was filed on Gallien’s disappearance.

Family describes Gallien as 6’0”, 180 pounds, has tattoos on both of his inner wrists, and his initials tattooed on the back of his arms.

The family believes Gallien was wearing a dark green shirt, black and white jogger pants along with black and white shoes.

The Beaumont man is hard of hearing and has a speech impairment. If you have any information on his whereabouts, you can contact Beaumont Police Department at 409-832-1234.