Ronald Phillips has been working on and off at Mirror Shine and Shoe Repair since 1981, but now the company on Park Street is closing its doors after nearly 50 years of business. Phillips says that this job slowly became his passion.

“It was just a job to me at once,” said Phillips. “But it turned out to be something that you know, is a passion that I took too.”

Bernard Simone who has been with the company for 47 years and owned it for nearly 20 years says he’s ready for the closure.

“Well I'm going to lay at home for a while,” said Simone. “And I might pick up something else.”

The closure is due to a lack of people needing their shoes shined or repaired. Customers sometimes only come in once a month, where years ago it was more frequent.

“They were coming in every day,” said Simone. “About 15-20 every day.”

All though the business is dying along with the art of shoe shinning, Phillips will still remember the pride he received from his work.

“They were proud of the work that was being done to them (the customers),” said Phillips. “It was just the courtesy you know that they gave back you know, and I enjoyed the respect.”