Tiffani Vickery is one of over a thousand travelers who are in Beaumont for the Mid-South World Series.

Vickery is here to support her son Caden and the 11U Texas Slam from Livingston. She and her husband are footing the bill for her son to be here.

"Hotel rooms, eating out, probably talking at least a thousand dollars for a week, probably more than that," Vickery said.

Vickery knows the baseball budget can be big.

Over 1,300 people are in town for this year’s tournament.

The Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau calculates that over $507,000 will be spent on gas, food, hotels, and entertainment through the week.

Freddie Willard, director of sales for the Beaumont CVB says that is a higher number than they've seen in the past.
"For this particular tournament it's up, while I don't think we've had as many teams, it is showing growth,”

I think we've been tracking this particular tournament since 2006 so each year it has grown"

Vickery thinks that they would like to return to the tournament next year.

"The fields are really nice and the concession stand is really slow but we're going to spend a lot of money," Vickery said.

The Beaumont CVB tells 12 News that tournaments are booked at Ford Park through December.