A mid-county teenager is hoping the driver of a pick-up truck will come forward after he says he was hit and the truck left the scene on Viterbo Road.

17-year-old Joseph Harrison now struggles to stand on his own.

A broken pelvis, two broken ribs, and other injuries leave him battered after he says he was hit by a truck.

Harrison says he was sitting on the side of the road outside his home talking on the phone with a friend around 11:00 p.m. on Thursday night when this traumatic experience took place.

"So I'm talking on the phone and I don't hear anything and she didn't hear anything. I see a light, and then I look up and it's not even two seconds before it hits me," Harrison said.

The Nederland High School student was sitting on the side of Viterbo road on Thursday night

The Port Arthur Police Department responded quickly after Harrison had to call 9-1-1 on his own.

"It was just a relief whenever I made it to the hospital, to know that I'm not dead yet and I can keep going," Harrison said.

He says family members have had to help him in daily activities.

"It's harder to get up and walk and it really hurts when I try to lay on a bed so I've been sleeping on the recliner," Harrison said.

He may be down but Harrison isn't out. Harrison is glad to be alive. Now, he's hoping that the person who hit him will do the right thing and come forward.

Harrison believes that a white pick-up truck was traveling eastbound from West Port Arthur road when he was hit.

The Port Arthur Police Department is investigating the crash.