Aleida Cibrian's son goes to Memorial High School.She says that while she knew about creepy clown threats on social media, she encouraged her son to be in class


"I started getting texts from friends, family, and even from my son, so I thought okay maybe it is serious...but I wasn't worried," Cibrian said.

Dr. Glenn Mitchell, principal at Memorial High School says Memorial increased its security measures today, but believes the students did not waver in spirit.

"We've not seen any evidence of it, kids have continued on magnificently in their plight of maintianing an orderly school day and what they saw was the proper thing to do"

Cibrian understands that it can be a tough decision for many parents, and that a child's safety is very important.

"As a parent, you always worry when you have a child, that's just parenting. You're always sgoing to worry about your children whether it's at school or with no threats just on a daily basis. But he's okay and he texted me throughout the day and he's fine," Cibrian said.

She hopes that her son, and others, can carry on and forget about these creepy clowns.

Beaumont Police sent out a statement saying they are working with the FBI to make sure there are no "legitimate" threats to local schools.

Port Arthur Police Department they are continuing their investigation.