Crews are bringing sand back to the shores of McFaddin beach. About two miles of shoreline will be restored by the end of June.

Justin Varing, a Port Arthur native remembers that McFaddin beach was different when he was younger.     

"My mother had a beach cabin over by Rollover Pass that was completely destroyed by the hurricane,” Varing said.

“It [McFaddin Beach] was greatly affected by the hurricanes, so that kind of hits home," Varing said.

A long stretch of the beach is closed off to the public as crews are working around the clock to dredge sand from a sand bar back onto shore. The project costs around $5 million, according to the Jefferson County Director of Engineering Don Rao.

Rao and Jefferson County Commissioner Michael Sinegal hope to restore the entire 20 mile stretch of shore further down the road toward Bolivar.

Other residents like Billy Drol Shagen are relieved the shore is also getting protection from storm surge.

"You know if we just let the beach deteriorate, we don't have anything to really come to,” Shagen said.

“It's a great thing to help for all these hurricanes that come around here and all the high winds," Shagen continued.

Varing hopes the restoration project is a success so future generations can enjoy the beach.

"The kids being able to be safe and have an extended area to play in, that's highly important,” Varing said.

“I remember being able to go down to Old Beach road to Crystal Beach and all that, so I'd like to see that restored one day as well," Varing said.

The county is waiting on additional funds to restore the rest of the shoreline.