20-year-old Nathan Elizondo was enjoying his Wednesday night at Sertinos Cafe in Beaumont. The last thing on his mind? The third and final presidential debate.

"The first two presidential debates there were a lot of arguing. I feel like they weren't addressing the issues and that need to be solved in the country." Elizondo said.

Others had better things to do like Brenna Merrill, who was spending her time studying with classmates for a big test rather than watching the big debate.

"We will not be watching because this pharmacology test is a lot more important." Merill told 12News.

At the Log On Cafe, patrons were getting ready for poetry night. Many were there to simply enjoy a night of music instead of politics.

"I watched the first one and that was more than enough for me. I don't have a high opinion of politics in the first place and its just a big public show." Said Michael Edwards.

Edwards decided to dodge the debate and play his guitar at poetry night. The owner of the Log On Cafe, Ed Grissom, aired the last two debates for customers.

Grissom told 12News, he decided not to air the third presidential debate because he has had enough.

"Honestly, at this point, tonight is about music but after watching the last two debates, I rather listen to music." Said Grissom.