On Tuesday, Cory Ledesma saw two unattended children in the middle of the street on what he called a busy residential road near North Major Dr.

"I noticed something at that time moving in the middle of the road and I noticed a younger child off coming in and out of the street." said Ladesma.

The 28-year-old father said it happened in his neighborhood called, Westpark, on Tuesday night.

Ledesma said he got out of his car and located the children's parents. After making sure the children got home safely, he contacted the Beaumont Police Department who advised him to file a report with Family and Protective Services.

DFPS reported that the children are safe and measures are being put in place to ensure the event does not repeat itself. Spokesperson, Shari Pulliam told 12news, "Just an accident where kids get out of the home. Happens more than you think."

Ledesma was so disturbed about what happened, he posted a picture on social media explaining the accident. His post received more than 3,000 shares.

12News knocked on the door where the family lives for explanation. No one answered.