Bullet holes are still visible at Thad King’s home in Beaumont. They were also found on his car as well as his counter inside his kitchen.

Images that take him back to last Wednesday morning when his life almost came to an end.

“It’s still king of…I don’t know. Surreal.” King said.

King came too close for comfort with the suspects who attempted to break into his home. One of them firing 8 to 9 shots inside.

Now, 21-year-old Dustin Bernard and two juveniles are now sitting in jail and are now persons of interest in the attempted murder of King.

After learning about the arrests on Wednesday, King felt some sort of relief.

“It just gives you a weird feeling knowing that these guys were capable of doing. Especially for them being so young. That’s what, I don’t know, it blows your mind!” he said.

King also told 12News he received a new microwave after his old one was found with bullet holes from the shooting.