A Beaumont man was indicted for aggravated assault Wednesday after police say say he stabbed his wife multiple times last month.

Brandon Berry, 28, is accused of stabbing Alexis Danielle Berry, 27, with a screwdriver and a knife on the evening of Sept. 29, 2017.

According to the police report, officers arrived on the scene to find Alexis on the porch bleeding with multiple stab wounds.

A witness said the couple was arguing inside the home and then moved to the driveway to continue the argument.

Brandon then grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed Alexis in the back multiple times.

Alexis tried to run away as Brandon grabbed a large kitchen knife and stabbed her in the upper body several more times.

Brandon then fled the scene in a car before police arrived.

Alexis was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital where she was treated for her wounds. Brandon was later arrested and booked at Jefferson County Correctional Facility.

He was initially charged with attempted murder.