A man is caught on camera lurking around Beaumont's west end and stealing packages left by mail carriers.

The surveillance video was posted on Facebook Wednesday, and within hours it had hundreds of shares.

One of the victims tells 12News that they've had about 5 thousand dollars stolen from their front door.

"To have someone negate all your hard work for their greed, it's frustrating," says Cody Williams, who lives in Beaumont's west end.

The thief was caught on camera, man is seen walking around with packages and attempting to make his way inside cars.

Williams says it's caused quite a buzz around west end neighborhoods.

"Some packages started going missing and there were many ideas of what was going on," Williams says.

He brought his concern to Facebook.

"I posted the video and throughout the day there were over 30,000 views and several hundred shares," he says.

Hoping someone recognizes the individual who has been stealing from the front doors of the town home.

"If people were to see something like this happened, you wouldn't know what this guy is willing to do," Williams says.

"You don't want an unnecessary loss of life," He explains.

His actions, spreading awareness through social media, hoping others around the community stay vigilant for a thief still on the loose.

"Even tho he's a thief at this point, it can escalate quickly," Williams explains.

"With many things going on in the area, we just want to get a stop to it," He says.

The victim recommends that those who receive stuff through the mail, to fill out a "sign off request" through mail carriers.

Williams tells us that the incident was reported to the Beaumont Police Department.

If you recognize the man in the video he is asking to contact Beaumont Authorities.