12news partnered up with the Humane Society of Southeast Texas Saturday for its annual “Make A Difference Day” project.

The project is a nationwide service day to help local groups in need.

With dog barks and pumpkins, the Humane Society is throwing a huge celebration, a far cry from the utter devastation in the very spot just 7 months ago.

A fire broke out in March leaving nearly 70 dogs dead, damaging the building where the Humane Society does so much good.

For Brittany Mendoza, the sight of the burned building brings back memories.

“I volunteered here for a little bit, wanted one of the dogs they had here, she didn't make it,” says Mendoza.

After the fire, her desire for a pet grew and that's when she found Perdita, her new Dalmatian.

They had a really hard time getting rid of her because she had seizers, really bad seizers,” she says.

After adoption, her new pet's health improved.

She is now taking part of the first annual "fall in love" adopt-a-thon, a fundraiser to help raise money to give others like Perdita the opportunity to find a home.

Monica Lee, of the Humane Society says, “we are still in a temporary situation, but it's going to last a few years until we continue to raise funds for a permanent campus.”

And through donors like the TEGNA Foundation, which has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in the annual Make a Difference day, donations like this are making it easier for organizations like the Humane Society to rebuild its shelter.

“The new shelter will increase programs and allow us to have a better reach in people and pets in need,” says Lee.

For Brittany, her dog has not been with her during her whole life, but it's made her life whole.

“It makes me happy. I'm glad she has a better home and is healthier,” Mendoza says.

The Humane Society hopes to raise enough money in the next few years in order to finally move in to their new shelter.