A Lumberton High School 10th grader is in the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Center Wednesday afternoon after the 15-year-old is accused of compiling a hit list.

"It's always been that way when I went to school, but kids can be really cruel," says Lisa Guidry, who currently has grandchildren in school.

Tuesday, a 15-year-old Lumberton High School 10th grader was taken into custody without incident on charges of terroristic threats.

Lumberton police were notified by the high school Tuesday afternoon about a note found in a students binder that listed 8 names, both students, and faculty, and indicated a desire to harm them.

"I feel like it's sad he had to go there, he messed his whole life up since he's just a kid," Guidry says.

The list was found in the Lumberton High School Alternative Education Building Tuesday afternoon, and for the security of students and staff, the Lumberton police quickly responded.

"We had him in custody in about 30 minutes," says Chief Danny Sullins, with the Lumberton Police Department.

The sophomore is now being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor on a terroristic threat.

Penalties in a case like this can result in up to 180 days in jail for a Class B misdemeanor and/or a $2,000 fine.

Chief Sullins tells us that this isn't the first case in Lumberton.

"We've had several every year and sometimes we can track the person down, but other times they can result anonymous," Chief Sullins says.

This is now an open investigation where Parents hope threats like this don't happen again.

"I feel sorry for the child," says Guidry.

"I hope the kid gets the help that he needs," he explains.

Chief Sullins tells us police officers have been patrolling all of the Lumberton I.S.D. campuses.

The student wasn't in class Tuesday so officers went to his home and made the arrest.

The student is being held at the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Center in Kountze , and the parents of the students listed in the note have been notified

Press release from Lumberton ISD |

The school was alerted around 3:00 pm to a hit list found at the Lumberton High School alternative education building today. The campus administration acted quickly and decisively to address the situation. Upon investigation and through quick action of the school and Lumberton Police Department, no student was in danger at any time and were able to ensure the continued safety of our students. The student has been arrested. In today’s time, we must act upon any risk upon the students in our care. All parties, including a former employee listed have been contacted and the evidence has been turned over to Lumberton Police Department. Any discipline will be handled according to the Student Code of Conduct.