A Lumberton boy’s world went from black, white and gray to glowing with color thanks to his writing teacher at Lumberton Intermediate School.

10-year-old Karsten Scarborough learned after second grade that he was color blind. His twin sister Kymber, would help him with assignments in school and also with picking out clothes at home.

Some assignments in writing class were difficult without his sister’s help.

“When we were doing colors, I had her help me and some kids would pick on me because I didn’t know what colors were what,” Scarborough said.

Ivory Gilcher, Karsten’s teacher said she wanted to help her shy, humble student. One night on Facebook, she saw an ad for Enchroma glasses. She learned the glasses were available for kids.

Some of her friends helped her in covering the cost of the glasses.

After the glasses arrived from Berkeley, California, Gilcher met with Karsten’s mother Tiffany at a coffee shop in Lumberton over spring break. Tiffany had no idea what the meeting was about.

Scarborough cried after seeing the glasses. The two decided that night that Gilcher would give Karsten the glasses.

Karsten’s mother recorded a video of him receiving the glasses. Gilcher said she was happy to give Karsten the life-changing gift.

“Just getting to watch that reaction on his face was priceless,” Gilcher said.

Karsten’s twin sister Kymber was happy to know that his brother could see the world how others see it.

“God made him like he was, and then these glasses came into his life,” Scarborough said.

“I think it’s the most happiest thing I’ve seen in my life,” Scarborough said.

Gilcher said that these glasses have created the conversation throughout the school about kids coping with color blindness.

Karsten is happy to see the world in color.

“My favorite thing to see was the sky, that’s what I wanted to see the most,” Karsten said.