Seven American sailors remain missing after their Navy destroyer collided with a container ship four times its size off the coast of Japan.

12News has confirmed that both sailors from Southeast Texas onboard the U.S.S. Fitzgerald are accounted for and are not hurt.

The damaged U.S.S. Fitzgerald is now back at its home port South of Tokyo.

Tugboats and other support vessels towed it back to the naval base.

Three American crew members including the commanding officer were injured in the collision and were airlifted by helicopter from the deck of the ship.

This incident hitting close to home for several Southeast Texas families.

"I was sad because I thought he died and when I saw him on the news, I was happy because he survived," says 7-year-old Kaysen Click, the little brother of one of the sailors onboard.

Holding back his tears, little Kaysen sends a message to his older brother Skyler.

"I love you, and I wish you've never left," he says.

On board, there were two Southeast Texas sailors, Josh Mason from Lumberton, and Skyler Click from Orangefield.

"As soon as we heard what ship it was, we were anxious to hear any type of news, especially my nephew Skyler," says Kara Lacouture, aunt of Skyler.

The suspenseful images of the ship were seen all across the nation, keeping in mind those who risk their lives for the freedom that we deserve.

"Our hearts and minds are at ease," says Lacotoure.

"We're continuing our prayers for those that are missing and those that are injured," She says.

The family says many of the sailors lost all of their equipment after water rushed into the ship.