Caught on camera and making rounds on social media, a toddler is seen sitting on a driver's lap going close to 80 miles an hour on highway 96 near Kirbyville.

The guy that captured the video tells 12News that as a parent all he's doing is looking out for the safety of the child behind the wheel.

"It's a kid probably the same age as my kid or even younger," says Jacob Richardson, shocked to see the child in the driver's seat.

He says it was quite a dramatic scene to see the child holding tight to the steering wheel.

"I was going almost 80 miles an hour," Richardson says.

"It blew my mind," He explains.

That sight was a learning experience of what not to do as a parent.

"I have 3 kids would do anything for, I would never put them in danger behind the steering wheel to have a grand time," Richardson says.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, children 13-years-old or younger must be seated in the back seat in safety chairs according to their age.

Seeing a child holding on to the steering wheel is something Richardson says could have easily ended in a different manner.

"You can be driving and having fun, but then you can swerve into oncoming traffic," he says.

Richardson then called the police, that's when law enforcement officers in Kirbyville stopped the driver who was then issued a citation for having an unrestrained child under the age of 2.

"I just don't want a kid to be in danger what so ever," He says

"You can fall in the playground, but a tragedy as a result of this is something you can prevent," he explains.

The driver was ticketed for having a child without a seatbelt, those charges normally range from $200 to $250.

Richardson says it's a cheap price to pay for risking anyone's life in a car.