Chris Hanson got creative on Halloween night as he watched the Houston Astros face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Halloween.

Hanson hosted a watch party outside his Lumberton home in the Silvercrest neighborhood.

"We have a projector set up, we got the HDMI cable running from the garage bar. We have World Series Game 6… we have a sweet taco bar set up that my wife made in the garage, and of course the candy," Hanson said.

Hanson, on his 31st birthday said he wanted to do something different for Tuesday night’s game.

“It’s the World Series, got to do it big, a lot of guys from work were going to the games and you know, I felt in the spirit of it,” Hanson said.

Hanson was hopeful that the Astros would win their first World Series on his birthday.

Hanson and other Astros fans will have to wait for the outcome of Game 7 on Wednesday to see if the Astros can win their first World Series.