The color run means a morning full of excitement for thousands of Southeast Texans, but for two ladies participating, the walk is deeply personal.

“We have been best friends for over 40 years,” says Diana Beaumont, of Lumberton.

“My best friend was diagnosed before me,” she explains.

Diana Beaumont was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, something her friend Evelyn Sims recently finished combating.

“Mine was almost completed by the time hers started, i was glad that i had already gone through this experience so I can help her,” says Sims.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, and each year over 200,000 ladies are diagnosed with the disease in the US.

Of those diagnosed, nearly 3-million kick cancer to the curb.

“Until you experience it, you don't quite know the feeling,” says Beaumont, who is currently going through chemotherapy.

She says through runs like this bring hope to those now battling cancer.

Both ladies share a connection in knowing the pain between two unrelated sisters.

“It’s like we've shared so much for 40 years and now were sharing this experience,” says Beaumont.

“I think it's amazing to see everyone come together like this,” Sims explains.

Now they're walking the same path, making strides in hopes of helping find a cure.

The money made at the run will go back to the community and help those battling cancer.