It was quite a surprising Christmas gift for a family in Lumberton, just a week ago they were living in a tent, but thanks to the communities support they were able to spend Christmas in a warm home.

"It was rough, we didn't ask for help and the people of Lumberton saw and came together," says Ashley Grubbs.

Just a week ago, her family was homeless.

"We ended up buying a tent and going to Village Creek State Park," she says.

With this seasons spirit of giving, that "week of camping" for their 10-year-old son Frank, turned to finally having a new home.

"They gave us a Christmas tree and all the gifts," she says.

The home they are now in was also donated.

"To come in as a complete stranger and have all these people help us with stuff is amazing," says Morgan Grubb, Ashley's husband.

Seeing their son enjoy his Christmas gifts is a sign of happiness for the entire community, they were given many blessings without even asking.

"Thank you for all my gifts and thank you for helping out my parents," says little Frank.

The community members tell me that they don't wish recognition, they say that they did it from the heart hoping to spread love this holiday season.