The shopping craze continues Saturday, but this time thousands will head to shop at locally owned stores, and this holiday has Nederland local business owners preparing for 'Small Business Saturday.'

"Opening a store was just one of those dreams every young girl has," says Marcy Messer Hudson, owner of The Classy Peacock off Nederland Avenue.

27 years later, her dream of opening up a boutique has become a reality.

"We have shoes at 30 dollars, other stuff at 25 percent off and everything in the store is pretty much on sale," Hudson says.

That is part of the Small Business Saturday special.

According to the Small Business Administration, about 112,000,000 Americans spent a total of 15.4 billion dollars last year at locally owned businesses and restaurants.

The administration says that Texas alone has more than 2.6 million small businesses, that makes up 99.8% of businesses across the state.

"Most small business owners work directly in our store, so we're always really happy to help you," says Deane Spradley, owner of Curvy Couture off Boston Avenue.

With the recent storm, she Spradley tells us that this could boost the local economy.

"This year was a financial struggle with the storm, so this is our time to recover," Spradley says.

This is a push to get out of the norm and venture shopping somewhere new.

"It takes a lot of time and effort to open up a local business," Hudson says.

"We try to support the community so we hope the community supports us," she explains.

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