Temple Emanuel Rabbi Joshua Taub described the meaning of hate on Wednesday. "Anti -Semitism is a virus and like many viruses, you can't really kill it." he said.

The recent bomb threats made against Jewish communities around the country are raising concerns.

At least 135 bomb threats have been made towards Synagogues, Jewish centers, and schools since the beginning of the year.

The anti-Semitic acts even spread here in Beaumont. "If there's someone out there that wants to distract the Jewish community of Beaumont, there's very little to stop them from doing that." said Taub.

In January, broken windows were found at Temple Emanuel and last month, a message of hate was found at Riverfront Park.

"I can't remember the last time that all 100 Senators from the U.S. Senate signed a letter, urging the administration to more actively respond to anti-Semitic hatred that has risen." Taub said.

Even though no bomb threats have been made to Temple Emanuel, Taub said through the dark times, good prevails.

"At the same time we are seeing all of this, all this hatred rising to the surface, we are also seeing an equally, perhaps even stronger response of love and support." he said.