“We are putting these cowards and that’s what they are, cowards that, they shoot and leave,” said Beaumont Police Chief, Jimmy Singletary addressing the recent shootings. “We are putting these cowards on notice that we are coming for them.”

Monday, Beaumont P.D., the district and U.S. Attorney’s office, held a joint press conference to address recent violent crime in the area. There have been two shootings in two days, both involving children.

“We will not give up until our citizens can rest easy, knowing that their innocent child, can play outside, without fearing that they be hit by a stray bullet,” said Chief Singletary.

Law enforcement asked local pastors in attendance to help in this effort. Irvin L. Barrett, pastor of Sunlight Baptist Church, welcomes that partnership.

“We are looking to partner with the police as well as community entities to see if we can try to make a difference in some of the young lives before they get too far astray,” said Barrett

Acting U.S. Attorney Brit Featherston, says that the community will play a vital role in this as well.

“It starts with the community,” said Featherston. “The community not only has to take care of itself, but they have to report crime. They have to give information to law enforcement to help them do their job. That’s how law enforcement works. Its human intelligence is how that works.”