“Even though Conor McGregor doesn’t have much of a chance, and boxing is a science, there is always that wild card factor that if yes, Conor McGregor puts his fist on Floyd Mayweather’s chin, he could possibly knock him out,” said Jason Ebarb of TPC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA.

Ebarb has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts for 20 years and like millions of others on Saturday he will be tuning in to watch UFC champion Conor McGregor take on Boxing great Floyd Mayweather.

“It would be more of a blow to boxing,” said Ebarb. “If Conor McGregor loses, it's no big deal, he’s stepping over to Floyd Mayweather’s territory. But if Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather it will definitely send a message to MMA fans and a probably a blow to boxing.”

Ebarb is enjoying the spectacle. And while Jason doesn’t believe McGregor doesn’t stand much of chance, his nephew Trent Ebarb, team McGregor all the way.

“I definitely think Conor’s got it,” said Trent Ebarb, who has been practicing Jiu Jitsu . “He always talked the talk and walked the walk. He’s never said something and not done it. He’s always been the man he said he was.”

Over at Titan’s boxing gym in Port Arthur, the consensus? Floyd Money Mayweather.

“What Mayweather has is something called defense, art,” said Hector Flores, who has been boxing for 6 years.

And Hector’s brother?

“I think got Mayweather by decision in all 12 rounds,” said Ernesto Flores

12 Rounds that will hopefully live up to the billing.