A car show was held in Beaumont this weekend to help raise money for local charity groups.

This year, the Cool Autumn Nites group is working to raise money for scholarships and the new Woman's Center in Vidor.

Playing with cars has been an everyday thing for Izaiah Goff of Vidor.

“I like their speed, how they look, how fast they go, their tires,” he says, and all morning, little Izaiah has been checking out classic cars.

At a young age, he's already falling in love with these vehicles.

“We [kids] are not the only ones playing with cars or like cars, there are other people that think cars are cool,” he says.

But for Vic Cash from Lumberton, cars like this have been "cool" for years.

“I love it, I love driving it,” Cash says.

He's spent over 20 years and 62 thousand dollars in fixing his 55 Chevy, what he calls a reminder of his childhood.

“It's just a play toy,” he says, “I love it!”

This year, the Downtown Beaumont Cool Autumn Car Show is showcasing dozens of classic cars from all over the area, their mission, to help provide scholarships to local schools and help build the Women's Center in Vidor

For Cash, knowing he's helping a cause, is something he says comes without a price.

“It's not so much about winning trophies and plaques,” says Cash, “everyone comes to the show and sit and talk to each other, you make friends.”

Making friends like little Izaiah, they are two separate generations sharing the same passion - to help other people less fortunate.

The event will conclude on Sunday as judges will pick the top 50 classic vehicles for prizes.