For Bria McZeal, a senior at Lamar University studying social work, she says today was her first time learning something as simple as addressing someone in the LGBTQ community.

"It was an eye opener for me because you sometimes don't want to offend certain people by saying the wrong thing so that was a learning experience," McZeal said.

 Learning about resources for the LGBTQ community was the focus of today’s third annual LGBTQIA Summit hosted by the TriCounty Disproportionality and Disparity Advisory Council.

Sandra Wilson, one of the summit’s organizers says that she wants to create an environment where it's safe to ask questions about different issues.

She hopes it can break down any stigmas that affect people on a daily basis.

"We can change those in order to accept those in our community who may express differently and have different needs especially when it comes to healthcare where there's less access and sensitivity," Wilson said.

For McZeal, equality is a goal that everyone should work to achieve.

"I love the way that they're talking about treating everyone fair and making sure that everyone has the same opportunities, no one's being judged,” McZeal said.

“Because sometimes people are prejudged based on their sexual preference or gender identity so that was a good thing to take away," McZeal said.

Wilson hopes to bring back some of the same speakers and groups next year.